First stack :(

Well, that didn’t take too long!

I’ve only been riding for just over a week, having clocked up 35 miles over 5 rides.

I was about 9 miles into a 15 miler, when I had to stop at a round about. I got going again, and was pumping to accellerate, when my chain snapped, and threw me over the handlebars.

Here’s the culprit – one broken chain.

Chain snapped

Chain snapped

My right knee took most of the impact, I also picked up an ouchy on my elbow.


Unfortunately,  my Garmin 305 went flying.  I didn’t realise straight away.  By the time I noticed, it was too late – my beloved had been run over:

Amazingly, the Garmin still connected, so I could upload the data.  I did hit 29.6MPH, so close to one of my goals:

I’m very glad I was wearing a helmet!


Jog on

Hi all

There’s a bit of bad news – I’m having to miss out on July’s race, the NSPCC Milton Keynes half marathon which is on this Sunday.

Unfortunately, I’ve been suffering with Achilles Tendinitis since running the Greenway Challenge back in May, so haven’t been able to get back up to half marathon distance.  I have been doing a bit of running, but it’s really not helping with my recovery, so I have decided to pretty much stop running until after the summer, so I probably won’t be racing in August either.

It’s frustrating to say the least, but it is the right decision – I’ve got to put my health before chasing these goals.

Moving on to the more positive…..

On the back of a visit to my local friendly osteopath, it was recommended that I do some lower impact exercise while getting over the Achilles injury.  So to try to retain some of my running fitness, I have taken up cycling.  I haven’t regularly ridden a bike since passing my driving test some 19 years ago, but I’m enjoying it so far.

I was reluctant to splash out on a new bike, so I have borrowed a bike off my lovely sister, Nic.  It’s a Raleigh Gritstone mountain bike:

My shiny steed :)

My shiny steed 🙂

It’s not quite big enough for me – it’s a 22″ frame,and I could really do with a 25″.  If I carry on cycling, I will get myself a new, bigger bike.  The style of bike will be a tough decision though – the world of cycling is new and strange to me – do I want a rigid or a hardtail hybrid, or a road bike?  I have no clue!

Being goal orientated, I have thought up a couple of cycling goals for myself:

I suppose at some point, I’ll have to start thinking about cycling distances, rather than trying to shoehorn cycling into running speak.

I guess jumping into the world of cycling may lead on to different types of races – perhaps duathlons or if I can master swimming, triathlons.  Time will tell.  🙂