Second First Saturday of the Month 5km

Well, it’s been a while!

I’ve been well down on running with a combination of my Achilles Tendinitis injury and lack of training due to holiday.

I’ve missed July and Augusts races as a result, which is frustrating, but it seems pointless chasing the race a month if my body is objecting to it.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of cycling  – my osteopath recommended it as cross training to complement the running, but it has taken over a bit.  I can cover reasonable distance, see different stuff, and it doesn’t take too long either.  And my body seems to prefer the lower impact aspect of cycling.

But back to running.

It’s been quite a struggle getting back into the swing of things.  My first run off the back of holiday was last Monday, and I managed 3 miles with a bit of walking in between.  The next couple of runs involved some walking – not measured, but walking a bit out of necessity.  I then decided I had to slow it down a bit to get back to continuous running, so I ran a couple of slow 5k training runs, and will build it from there.

On Wednesday, I ran the best part of 5 miles non-stop with my mate Tom, and felt really chuffed to be back on it.

I had toyed with the idea of running the Bedford 10k, which is tomorrow, but decided it was too much too soon, so I decided to run the North Herts Road Runners 5k today instead.

I was quite relaxed about this race, as I ran it back in June.  So not a particularly early night, no mad early start for fuelling – just up at 7:45 quick banana and a cereal bar and a glass of water, and out the door at 8:15.

The meet is at the Letchworth outdoor swimming pool, then a couple of laps around Norton Common.

I turned up and paid the £2 for the race.  What a bargain!  Here’s the change from a fiver:

Change from a fiver

Change from a fiver

I went and sat in the car for a bit, and had a little bit of water, and took a couple of pics of me.  Shortest ever beard:

Short beard

Short beard

Here’s another photo that I accidentally took of my leg.  This one’s for the ladies 🙂

For the ladies - you lucky people!

For the ladies – you lucky people!

Anyway, back to the report.  I got out of the car, and got chatting to a couple of nice people.  I forgot how much I love runners, and love race day, even such an informal and small race like today, I love racing!  The people I was chatting too were so positive, so inclusive, and so encouraging.  One chap a good bit quicker than me, and another who was just starting out, but pouring with enthusiasm.

We mooched off to the start of the race, and after a couple of announcements, the race promptly started at 9:00.  Two laps of the common.  We started quite quickly – I ran the first mile in 8:52.  Pretty slow, even by my standards, but it felt a good bit quicker that my current level.  Completing the first lap halfway through mile 2, I did toy with the idea of binning the rest of the race, but decided against that.  At the start of the second lap, I overtook a couple of people, but they quickly got back in front of me.  It felt very much like I was right at the back of this small race.  It normally attracts about 50 entrants, and I reckon I was in the bottom 5.  Official results to follow, but time and place mattered even less than ever today.
I was back racing, I was back with runners, and I was back in the mix of it.

I completed the race in 27:57.



A personal worst for me for a 5k race, but I couldn’t give a monkeys!  After the race, I chatted to a couple more people, and drove myself home.  I felt good after the race, so thought I may as well cut the grass while I was sweaty.

A quick shower later, and it was brunch time.  Completely indulgent and unnecessary to refuel after a 5k, but it was goooooood!



Next race – the main event for the year – the Standalone 10k – the third outing of my first ever race.  I can’t wait!  I’m not expecting a PB, but getting back to 10k distance comfortably will be awesome!

Stats for all you number fans: