Happy 2013

Happy New Year to you all.  Let’s hope that 2013 is better than 2012 has been.

2012 has been a pretty busy year for me.  I’ve missed out on some goals, mostly due to injury, but in the process, I’ve discovered 2 great new sports in cycling and swimming, so taking the rough with the smooth, pretty good.  I did achieve the 12 races that I started this blog to track, so all good.

Here’s the final figures for the year, in triathlon order 🙂

11 swims, total of 6.22 miles and spent 5:56:58 in the pool

37 bike rides, total of 362.32 miles and spent 25:25:03 in the saddle

129 runs, 729.00 miles and spent 116:54:34 running

So the combined total, 179 activities, 1,097.54 miles, 149:55:08 doing stuff, and 144,075 calories burnt.

Looking forward to 2013, I’ve got some goals in mind, in no particular order:
Stay injury free
Have an alcohol free January – done
Have a meat free month
Get down to 14st 4lbs (200lb) – currently 213lb
Grow some vegetables
Run a sub 2 hour half marathon (PB 2:06:24) – done Silverstone half 03/03/2013 1:57:19
Run a sub 50 10k (PB 53:51)
Decorate my living room – done
Run a sub 24 5k (PB 24:42)
Run a sub 7 1 mile (PB 7:19)
Do some open water swimming
Wash the car
Finish a sprint tri

For the alcohol free January, I’ve signed up for the Cancer Research Dryathlon  – they’ve grabbed Dry January as a fund raising opportunity.  Probably a bit bold, as most people are skint from Christmas in January, but if you are flush, you can stick a quid or 2 in the pot here:  http://www.justgiving.com/dryathlete-gareth-sharp

The training has commenced this year already, the wife and I went out for a bike ride together on New Years Day.  Just under 10 miles.  It was really nice to get out, and put some miles down on the road.  Here’s me all geared up, including my new merino wool knee warmers.  They might look a bit daft, but they’re thin, lightweight, breathable and warm.

Bikey bike

Bikey bike

That’s about it for me for now  – I’m sure I’ll be posting some more nonsense at some point soon – next race is the Silverstone Half Marathon in March.