Training update

Hey there sports fans!

I just thought I’d write an update, mainly for my own benefit, as it’s been a while!

Well, I haven’t been out on the bike since New Years Day, which is a bit of a shame.  I also haven’t used the turbo trainer – I hate the bloody thing.  I think I’m going to sell it.  It seems a waste just sitting there gathering dust.  It’s not big enough to function as a clothes horse, so it may well go.

The swimming is progressing well though.  I’ve been swimming once a week before work pretty much every week so far this year.  I have suffered from cramp in the pool a few times, which has cut my swimming sessions short, but I was moaning about this on Facebook last week, and my chum Neil posted a handy link to help prevent cramp.  Yesterday I focussed on hydration, fuelling and slightly increasing my salt intake, and no cramp today.  I swam for a whole mile this morning, non stop.  It feels like it’s quite an achievement for me, so I’m chuffed to say the least!

I’ve also treated myself to a shiny new swimming watch.  A Garmin Swim.  I was really struggling to keep count of lengths, and I really missed the statistics I get from my running watch, so I took the plunge (pun intended).  It keeps track of lengths, distance, strokes per length, and all other sorts of numbers.

Garmin Swim

Garmin Swim

This mornings swim is on my Garmin Connect.  Purple being my favourite colour, I love the stats!  I just need to work out what they mean, so I can use them to help with my training!

The running is also going well.  So far this year, I’ve ran 35 times, totalling 199.99 miles.  January saw a record distance month, of 113.73 miles.  My previous furthest distance month was April last year, when I ran a 20 mile race and a marathon, so pleased to pass that.

I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading up and training based on heart rate.  Without going into too much tedious detail, it promotes running more often, and running a lot slowly, and that should lead to becoming fitter and quicker.

I’m still not sure on the science behind it, but it seems to be working.  I ran a half marathon distance in training on Saturday, and it was only 12 seconds slower than my half marathon personal best.  I’m quite surprised to be back up to speed after my couple of months lay off last year, then sporadic training for the rest of 2012.

I’ve build running into my daily work routing – 3 days a week, I run at lunchtime.  Normally about 5 miles, normally pretty slowly.  The miles soon build up, I get out the office for a bit – it’s good for body and mind!

So the only thing that’s missing at the moment is the bike.  I think I need to gear up for cold cycling.  Having ridden less than 10 miles so far this year is pitiful really!

On Sunday I run the Silverstone half marathon – 3rd year in a row.  First time was my first half, which I ran 2:32:38, in 2012, I ran it in 2:13:38.  I’m hoping to get a few minutes off that this year, but we’ll see.  I’m not in the habit of getting personal bests at races, but hopefully I’ll buck that trend on Sunday.

I’ll let you know 🙂