Review of 2016, and 2017 goals

Hi blog fans, it’s been a while!

Just a quick brain dump of the year, and plotting some goals for 2017. Hopefully this won’t descend into a downward spiral of moaning or bragging.

Well, firstly here are the stats for the 3 disciplines I pretend to train in:
Swim: 11.99miles (41.01 in 2015)
Bike: 343.51miles (685.78 in 2015)
Run: 849.72 miles (1,030.78 in 2015)

Swim: ultra poor, bike: piss poor, run: not bad considering no marathon in 2016.

I have just completed a run streak of 115 consecutive days, which started off as a month, then kind of got out of hand when I forgot to stop. In the 115 days, I ran 365 miles, so averaged just over 5km a day. Not bad, but not really any further forward for it.

Running has been OK this year, I’ve ran 3 5k races, Standalone 10k, 3 10 mile races and a half marathon. I PB’d at the 10 mile race distance, and got my second sub 2 hour half marathon, which was as much as a surprise to me as anyone.

Enough of the running streak though. In 2017 I want to have more balanced training, run less, certainly less junk miles, swim and cycle more, I will cycle more miles than I run in 2017, even though I will be marathon training in the first quarter. I also want to introduce some strength and conditioning other exercise.

I also want to reengage with with my beloved triathlon club, Freedom Tri. I miss those crazy buggers! I just need to be more organised, and less lazy.

Think that’s it for now! Hopefully I won’t leave it another 2 and a half years before I blog again!

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  1. Really well done on all the running. I will hopefully be keeping my promise to hammer it this year, and to that end, hope to cover a few miles alongside you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hope to run with you soon John!


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