Thanks for visiting my blog.

This blog will track my 12 races in 2012 goal, and may well bore people with my training, trials and tribulations.

I started running in May 2010, and found it tough going at first.  I managed to persevere, and managed to get a few miles under my belt.

My first race was my local Standalone 10k in October 2010.  I entered on a whim, to carry on with the training, and to up the distance.

On the back of the Standalone 10k, I entered the Silverstone half marathon in March 2011.  The intention was to keep me at it over the winter.

Somewhere in amongst this, it seems like I got the bug!

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  1. So I came to wordpress trying to register this domain for the exact same purpose: blogging my journey of running 12 in 2012! Good luck to you, and I look forward to both of us reaching our goals!

  2. great stuff! hopped over as a fellow 5k a day group member! I’ve got my first half in october so am training. xxx


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