Goals for 2014

I like to set some goals for the year, so here’s what I’d like to achieve for 2014 (in no particular order):


  • Swim a sub 2:00 100m
  • Swim a lap of the pit in sub 20:00
  • Swim 3 laps of the pit
  • Swim 2k non stop
  • Swim 2 miles non stop


  • Ride an 18mph average ride (not turbo!)
  • Cycle 50 miles
  • Cycle 50 miles in 3 hours
  • Cycle 56 miles (half iron)
  • Cycle 100 miles
  • Do a bike race or sportive
  • Do a time trial


  • Run a sub 6:30 mile
  • Run a sub 24:00 5k (carried over from 2013)
  • Run a sub 50:00 10k (carried over from 2013)
  • Run another sub 2 hour half marathon
  • Run another marathon

General Goals:
Stay injury free
Have an alcohol free January
Re-roof the bike shed
Get sorted out with contact lenses
Decorate the porch
Grow some vegetables from seed (not like in 2013, just get given some plants)

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